come and knock on our door...

Got back from my great, very relaxing weekend in PA to discover that almost everyone in the Kitchen (as well as all over the Farm) has been sick with a cold, probably due to this COLD New England fall we have been hit with. This means working a little harder to pick up the slack of those missing that day, but that only seems to make the day go by faster and that is alright with me.

Also, a couple weeks back I was out of work for a week due to an old back injury that had flared up with all our moving, so today it was with some trepidation that I started physical therapy. The woman is great and the facility seems nice. I like that my PT has this no nonsense attitude and has given me "homework," being the stretches that I need to be doing to set things aright--very I am like "injured Japanese maple meets dog eared notebook stretching," or whatever yoga people call their moves. We'll see how things go.

On the homefront, TSO, Rugby Girl and I are all still waiting IMPATIENTLY for our internet connection to go through. Verizon is a serious pain in the ass in our part of the world: very unreliable and uncommunicative when they decide to do whatever it is that they do to keep us from rejoining the 21st century anytime soon. No internet also means no phone, as we will be getting our phone through Vonage. We are also getting a TV (Community is great this way!) from one of our neighbors who will be moving soon too, but until then we are still without the old moving, if anyone is looking for us, we are at home darning socks and listening to the radio. Thank God that in the mountains we at least get NPR...oh, and that radio station where they shout/sing opera in Spanish?

We are all settled in and the house only lacks the TV/DVD player and a stand to put them on. And the guest room needs the paint job retouched and a door put back onto the hinges--WTF? I just need to get a couple of my boxes into the attic and then I am all done too. It feels good to live there, especially since it already felt like home, having moved in after Mummy Dearest and family. It also feels slightly strange to be closer, REALLY close to work, but it's great to roll out of bed and walk less than 2 minutes to work too. Life is good here. And if you're ever around, "come and knock on our door..."


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