been a long time

TSO and I are taking a road trip/vacation of sorts--what?! A real roadtrip/vacation! I mean, I think so. Right?
  • Going to a foreign country: Canada. Check.
  • People who speak a different language: Canadian, eh? Check.
  • Sightseeing: check.
  • Carrying cameras and taking pictures of...things: Check.
Sounds good enough for me.

My friends' Hockey Guy and Wife (who I met while in undergrad) live on Hockey Guy's native island: Prince Edwards Island (PEI) and had thrown out a "come and visit some time, you'd love it," invite some time ago, so all of a sudden it sounded good and WHAM...I was going...kinda. The flights started at $700, so I thought if I could only find someone to go with me to help with the driving (it is about 13.5 hrs), I could go that route. It wasn't too much arm twisting (I hope...?) before roomie TSO agreed.

So, now...we are leaving in less than a week and have made some tenative plans of staying with Hockey Guy and Wife for a couple of nights, then moving on to the Halifax area for a couple of nights of camping. Totally excited about the camping, as I've never really camped before--weird, overnight Girl Scout "tenting out," in a mildewy tent in someones back field SOOO aside. Also, hoping to drive past the Bay of Fundy on our way back to the States.

This all sounds perfect.
  • Time away from work: Check.
  • Time away from home: Check.
  • Hanging out with friends: Check.
  • Seeing PEI and Nova Scotia, which I hear are gorgeous. Check.
The picture, found here, is of the Bay of Fundy.


Pam said…
So, so jealous. Have fun! Take lots of pictures :)
YAY! Thanks Friend. There will be facebook proof in no time! ;)

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