sighs of contentment

As we crept—I swear that time has a way of knowing how to crawl at an ants pace toward the things we look forward to and then fly through the truly enjoyable moments!—through a VERY busy week toward the wedding of friends Amos and CJ there was so much to do! We all had jobs for the wedding, in preparation for and on the day of (a very cool thing which I wish more people did—it really personalizes the wedding experience for everyone when more hands go into the making of it!) B1 was on desserts; B2 was on EVERYTHING—he was bouncing around wherever he was needed; TSO was the photographer; many, many Farmers and family members were on decorating the reception area, flowers, heating and moving food; and my job was the music to be played at the reception: both dinner and dancing music. Over the past couple of weeks Roomie J and I put together playlists, Amos and CJ added on to those lists, then Jenna, S and I added more songs. I spent a day downloading music into iTunes, and finally finished getting the last song (Amos and CJ’s first dance song) at 11pm the night before the wedding.

Aside from our other jobs, the few days leading up to the wedding found us (B1 & B2, TSO, Amos, CJ, S and I) stopping in and trying to lend a hand as CJ cooked and prepped the food for the wedding. We twisted and cut apart dough for appetizers; stopped for a few minutes to stir boiling sauces, sometimes doing little more than chatting with Amos and CJ as they worked. We rolled and tied silverware, got the favors ready, and folded the wedding programs. And then as things were finishing up guests started to arrive: family members from the West, family members from the south, former Farmers coming to us from NY City and Chicago, college friends.

And then, all our jobs came together on Saturday, for what was one of the most wonderful weddings I have ever been to and been in (I think this makes wedding #5 if you are keeping bridesmaid count). It was in a little town in New England where a girl married a boy and all their friends watched on with happiness and pride that two very special people found each other and promised to hang on to one another for life. The wedding was beautiful and special in that small town way: people driving by called out congratulations; the small church’s bell was rung after the vows; silly pictures were taken on the church steps; even sillier pictures were taken at the towns’ General Store after that. It was lovely.

And the reception was so great too. CJ (who “got by with a little help from his friends,”) prepared all the food for the reception. And such food! We had homemade macaroni and cheese, beef brisket, green beans and avocados, salad, farm cheese, chevre from the local goat farm, bread, and so many amazing appetizers whose names I can’t even remember! B1 made the desserts, which were amazing! Chocolate banana cheesecakes, pistachio chocolate cakes, chocolate and orange buttercream cakes—oh my GOD! The food and dessert was AMAZING!

All that work resulted in everyone having a good time and enjoying EVERYTHING immensely. All those jobs came together and made for a day where vows were said; kisses were exchange; champagne was drunk; food was enjoyed; first dances; cutting a cake; and then a really ruckus night of dancing and looking up at starry skies and sighing with a contentment that comes after very special days.



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