hitting that wall

Had another interview today at a not too far away library. The position would be for a library assistant of sorts, doing circulation work, etc. Interview went well. If nothing else, I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with the Director, who was uber cool.

Won't hear anything for a few weeks, and now, in the meantime I have to think about the effect taking this job would have on life here. Listening to the time slots which will need to be filled (during the interview) I had to really realistically think about 1. how I would manage to work these library hours with my work schedule here, 2. am I willing to juggle my schedule at this point, while our work team is already feeling really stretched thin due to: upcoming vacations, training new volunteers, low staffing, etc., and 3. taking on another job with this many hours (another 18 hrs/week)--while being great to get back into library life and having a little more money would be great-- would really tie me down at a time when I am wanting to get out and travel a little more and see New England and beyond.

So much to consider. Ugh. I want to get back into library work but am hitting that time management wall--that's what this is all about.



Anonymous said…
I might suggest that you face reality - a person can't work odd library assistant hours, participate fully in a large farm operation, AND travel for fun.

That's like eating your cake, having it, too, and expecting you can do the same with someone else's cake.

At some point you have to make a choice between all the things you WANT to do, and choose the things you NEED to do.

Wants, needs...
Amos said…
You probably already know what I would tell you- if they offer it to you, take it!

I left my old job and life so I could have my cake and eat it to and punch the kid next to me and take their cake and eat that too. This blog is about ughing and complaining and talking about life and library etc. While I appreciate your advice, please realize that I can complain as much as I want here...as this is not real life, but blogosphere.

Amos, things are never that simple.

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