I'm not avoiding you!

I feel like I never have the energy to sit down and write about Farm life lately (and I too have been avoiding my journal). The blog ignoring part comes partially from the fact that I don't have internet at home and partially because I have been feeling a little stressed out lately for a multitude of reasons.

My best friend Mummy Dearest wrote on Life in Avalon,

"Where we live is most peoples' idea of escape: on a Farm in the hills, quiet and low-stim. But what we do, which is to work with people recovering from severe mental illness, is far from slow-paced and bucolic. Daily I work with people in despair, hopeful for recovery, but often finding themselves taking one step forwards and two steps backwards. The work is rendering on a daily basis, often challneging me in ways I am unaware of."

While she was speaking of stress in her life from different reasons, I thought it was a great way to explain a bit of our life here and the constant push and pull we feel at work. Work that I still love. Never fear dear readers, I am still loving my job and life in our sleepy little town, I just need to get outside more, walk of the stress and make sure that I am communicating as effectively as I can.

Per Pam's request, I will be writing more in the next couple weeks to come (I will be house sitting for Mummy and sucking up all the internet time I can!!) and a lot of it will hopefully explain the farm more!!

Oh, on the Library job front: sent a resume to Small Town's Director for the Intermittent Sub position that was posted recently...we shall see.


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