possible library work?

When I decided to move back out to the Farm I spent a lot of time thinking about how that would affect me professionally and what steps I wanted to take to continue being a Librarian. I decided that for now I would like to at least sub or volunteer and then at my 6 month mark back at the Farm I would reevaluate what comes next. So:
  • Dropped my resume at Ideal Library (my favorite little town library around here) to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees to see if I am okay to start subbing. May also begin doing a Saturday story time with the kids this summer (per a conversation I had with the Director).

  • The library in town here just posted a position for a substitute Librarian, which I will be submitting a resume for this week--guess we'll see on that.

Otherwise, the Farm has shaken off any evidence of winter and has become Spring in what seems overnight. I fall asleep at night to the lullabye of peepers and an occasional coyote howl, and I wake every day to the wonder that is singing birds, the already lighted sky and I walk to work looking out on the Hills that surround and hold my community, my town, my life here.

I am happy here. So happy.


Mummy Dearest said…
Makes me smile to be able to share in your contentment. :) Hope it just keeps getting better.

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