a Catholic's look at Easter

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter (or Passover, or whatever else people may have celebrated.)

Growing up a Catholic I have always hated Lent--the 40 day period leading up to Easter--for many reasons: we always gave something up for the 40 days as a personal sacrifice; besides church on Sunday there are many other non-Sunday days that require church attendance (i.e. Ash Wednesday, Penance services); no meat on Fridays.

So this Lenten season I tried to be more mindful of the fact that I really struggle with Lent, and decided to focus instead on the world around me (by world I mean my small community). I decided to be very aware of the changing of nature into spring: the green blades of grass, forcing their way up and like a wildfire slowly sweeping across a yard until it became a vision in green; the thickening of trees and bushes as they yawn and strech off their winter sleepiness and prepare to be clothed in leaves and berries; listened to the rushing of the brook that wends its way through the Farm's innards and low spots; hearding the incessant calls and laughing cackles of the birds at dawn and woodpeckers looking for meals.

And in all this mindfulness, spring has sprung around me and Easter has come and gone, taking with it the dark shadow that is Lent passing over me and allowing for the Light of the World to again remind us that life is good and we have much to look forward to.

Easter at the Farm was wonderful. As per tradition, there was a sunrise prayer service on the knoll across the street from my house. Though I was unable to attend I heard the "Happy Easters!" and polite conversations floating up to my window on the second floor as I got ready for work. I walked to work with the rising sun and was so thankful for its magnificent colors.

After I put the traditional breakfast out, I walked down to the brook for "Breakfast at the Brook,"--another farm tradition--where breakfast is cooked outside over a fire pit. Eggs in a basket (eggs fried in a hole which is cut into the bread), Farm sausage and "cowboy coffee" (coffee that is cooked over the fire, boiling the water with the grounds in it. The trick is to swing the pot around in the air to get the grounds to stay at the bottom of the pot while you pour it into a cup!) were eaten while sitting around a hot fire on a cool morning, chatting with other Farmers and Mummy Dearests' whole family, who also joined us.

The rest of the day went well. After work I was able to talk to my family on the phone, and then Christy (a former Farmer) came up to join us for Easter dinner. It was nice to sit and eat and savor good food (Farm Pot Roast, Horseradish Mashed Potatoes a la Monster, Lentils, Salad, Muffins and Peas and Carrots--such a good spread!!)

Hope everyone has as wonderful a day!


Anonymous said…

Sorry about being out of touch. Tizzy and I are well, can't wait to see some, if not all of you at the wedding! Flavo-Flay called with his regrets the other day, but mentioned that people are talking about it!

Road Trip?

I am planning on being there...but think I am flying...saving my roadtrip energies for when I go home for a week in August!

Can't wait!!!

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