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This is going to be short AGAIN, I swear I will post a long and more explanatory post this weekend when I have time off. In short:
  • California was RIDICULOUSY SUNNY! And yet I didn't get to enjoy it, as I spent the 5 days instead with a sinus cold due to the dry air and probably the germs I caught on the plane...which made for a crabby monster.
  • Enjoyed time with my brothers family. My niece and nephew were so much fun--Monster niece G (4 years old this month) and Monster nephew N (2 years)--love to run around and get into mischief of all kinds, and love to laugh...too cute. I loved Monster niece G waking me up by standing next to me saying, "wake up, it's time to wake up Tita" ("Tia" is Spanish for aunt, and "Tita" is a more endearing form of that. CUTE!! Also, I love love love my sister-in-law L--she is full of piss and vinegar, which I appreciate!
  • My brother A2 was commised as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy. We are very proud of him! Very cool to be at the ceremony, which was held aboard the USS Midway. I was able to read the Invocation Prayer at the Ceremony--and very flattered that he asked me to do it!
  • My Aunt R and Uncle T, who also went to CA for my bro's Commissioning, helped me move back to the Farm on Thursday (they left Saturday). I am still getting acclimated to life here (since I moved away 3 years ago and things change), and after work, instead of unpacking, have been hanging out and playing cards, etc. with old friends every night. Unpacking can wait until the weekend! The boxes won't run off... :)
  • Otherwise, life is so BEAUTIFUL here right not, even with the snow! It is maple sapping season so the trees have buckets hanging on them and the sap house has a continual curl of smoke coming up from it! Pics to follow!! And details too!
  • Welcome new Followers: Nejla, Elle Might and Sarah L. Not sure if I have been able to welcome any of you yet, so WELCOME to my humble online abode!

Also, and without further adieu, please not the name of my blog, it has changed to:


Thus begins a new age in middle earth.


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