a wedding observed or Day 4 of a PA roadtrip

Saturday was one of those busy yet lovely days. We woke up early and the day didn’t end until late. We headed over to B2’s parents’ house and joined in with CJ, preparing the food for dinner, doing as much as we could before the wedding. And then in what seemed like 5 minutes we were all bustling around the house; getting ironed, dressed, tidied up, make-up’d. And then the motley crew that we had been was transformed into a group of handsomely made-up adults. There was something pleasant about being snuggly tucked away in a lovely house in Pennsylvania, preparing for such a joyous occasion; sitting on the toilet while Amos did my hair, the men ironing shirts and B2’s mom quickly washing her hair.

And then, in what seemed like ten minutes later, we were gathered outside the Hall of Philosophy, where B1 & B2 were to be married. B1’s Dad and brother Jesse were setting up, as they were to be providing the music for the ceremony. The rest of us were talking in small groups, excitedly and maybe a little nervously. Then it was time and B1 & B2 were walking down a leaf strewn path, looked down upon by maples and oaks, thwarted from path-straying by shrubbery on either side of the path. If none of us were around it might, to a passer-by, look as though B1 & B2 had just left church or a formal social event; meandering on a fall day, a lover’s stroll. B1 was dressed in a simple, but very beautiful brown and gold knee-length dress, B2 in a blue suit. When people say they want “traditional” wedding dress at their weddings, they mean a tuxedo and white dress, but I always took the meaning of “traditional “ as the wedding dress of years ago when men and women wore their best Sunday suit and dress. Anything else would have been seen as impractical and extravagant. And therefore it was very fitting that B1 & B2 wore what they did. Their clothes, as did their ceremony, spoke to who they are as people. And it was all the more lovely for that.

The day was meaningful and made even more so because we all had a part in it. Amos, TSO, Laura (B2’s sister) and I all read a poem during the service. (Mine was “I carry your heart,” by e.e. cummings—one of my absolute favorite poems!) Matt (B2’s bro-in-law) was the photographer. B1’s Dad and brother Jesse did the music. The reception was at B2’s parents’ house. CJ did the dinner toast. And we farmers were responsible for making the reception dinner and dessert. We all had a hand in making the day special and unique.

We feasted like kings and queens, nearly two dozen of us seated at three long tables in Mama & Papa Bears’ (B2’s parents) dining and sun rooms. We supped on roast turkey and gravy, mashed garlic potatoes, corn bread stuffing, maple Dijon brussel sprouts, roasted beets, parsnips and delicotta squash served in a roasted pumpkin, salad w/farm Maple Dijon dressing, homemade breads that B1 had made and brought. We toasted with sparkling ciders and wine. Everything was so delicious and made even better by the fact that it was shared with friends and shared in celebration of such a happy occasion.

After the presents were opened the desserts were cut into; a hard task as each dessert was so aesthetically pleasing and artistically inspired. CJ (and I believe B1) made all of the desserts! Such talented friends! The rest of the night was wiled away eating, drinking, talking, and playing cards. And eventually we all slipped back into casual clothes and in no time were saying goodbye to departing guests and preparing to head back to Laura and Matt’s house. A long and wonderful day over.


Amos said…
What a lovely summary, Monster, but one thing- I'm pretty sure B2's suit was black, not blue. :-)
Know it all! ;) Whatever...at least he wore pants that day. I will be so nervous if I ever get married that I will probably forget to get dressed. YUCKO!

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