domed to repeat or Day 4 of farmers visit and on saying goodbye

Like many children and educators across the state I had Monday off for Presidents’ Day. Can we just say that when we were kids we never got those phoo-phoo holidays off and we turned out okay and far more patriotic than kids nowadays. In fact, I am wearing a red, white and blue muffin-top tank top as I write this.

In honor of our presidents I spent the early morning trying a restaurant new to me and now a new favorite: Toast, located in Ferndale off of Woodward and 9 Mile Road. It is the most Berkshire-esque food I have found in Michigan, and I was so glad that we were able to go eat there, I have been trying to get someone to go with me forever. My food was delicious—the Farmer’s Omelet—but more interesting was B1’s omelet (I forget what it was called) which had roasted beets, carmelized onions, chevre (and maybe spinach?) which was an impressive mix of flavors that complimented one another perfectly. I also ogled TSO’s Eggs Benedict (that sounds riske) and made a mental note to try it next time—I have never tried Eggs Benedict. I loved, loved, loved the simple restaurant dĂ©cor and the view of Woodward out the window. I am definitely going back. Ugh, too much good food this weekend!

Next stop on our patriotic ride was the Metro Detroit Airport where we dropped TSO off before B1&B2 and I headed to the Detroit Science Center. The Museum was interesting, but really more geared to children in my opinion and I was so glad I only had to pay ½ price due to my Wayne State ID (which is technically expired—shh, don’t tell anyone. I also use it to buy cheaper tickets at the movie theater. Hey $30,000+ debt in student loans and I should be able to use those damn IDs until I am so grey and prune-wrinkled that people think the person in those pictures is my granddaughter. Wow, not at all bitter.)

The best part of the visit to the Science Center was seeing the movie “Mummies: The Secrets of the Pharaohs,” in the IMAX Dome. I have been to an IMAX Theater only once to see “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” but there is nothing as amazing as seeing a movie in a domed theater, with the movie crawling onto the ceiling and making you feel as though you are looking down into the action, instead of into it. It’s such an interesting perspective. I am exceedingly impressed with what technology offers.

As the day wound down we sat around watching TV and the movie “Grizzly Man,” which I had been interested to see since I saw the original trailer, yet which let me asking, “Seriously, no one else saw how nuts this guy was. Visionary nothing. I love animals too, but the guy was f*#&ng nuts to trust BEARS!!”

I hated for the night to end. And I hated to have to say goodbye after breakfast Tuesday morning and depart from one another’s company with a wave and a honk as our cars turned in opposite directions at the corner; me headed back to work and my life here, B1&B2 headed back to close up their lives in Buffalo and towards a place that is my home, and yet so far away from where I am now.


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