phew--thoughts on another year

So, here we sit on the cusp of another year.

I am still planning on taking a road trip out to Massachusetts to the farm, though that nearly didn't happen. I asked my wonderful mechanic bro A3 to change my oil and flush my transmission for me and upon doing these things he found a few EXPENSIVE other things that needed tending. And being the Boy Wonder that he is, he is fixing everything and footing the bill for my Christmas/Graduation present. He is awesome. However due to the holidays and part stores being closed, my on order parts won't be in until after the 3rd, so no driving to Buffalo to meet up with B1&B2...

So, I checked Amtrak and found that the train I needed to get there is sold out already...and so what did this young traveler decide on. *Cringe* That is right, I am taking a good old Greyhound to Buffalo to meet up with B1&B2 and then continue on to the farm in their car.
Now don't get me wrong. I love traveling and I will do it any way possible and sometimes that means buses...but...oh, why can't taking the bus be as glamorous as it always seems in the movies. Why can't I while away the hours singing about the family I am soon to meet, or look at the back window and give a peace sign to the man who is in love with me and willing to forgive all my selfish qualms...? Ok. Seriously. I would settle for not having to listen to a baby screaming for three hours and then another passenger yelling at the parent of said child about being a bad parent; I can do without the smell of a mix of urine and sawdust; and could live another lifetime without needing to wake up to the ramblings of an obliviously senile woman--these are all things I encountered my last road trip roundtrip from the farm to MI. in the hot summer of 2003. That bus ride took over 30 hours roundtrip and I swore I would never get on a bus again. I lost. This is what I am willing to do for friends.

So, I set off on the next adventure late tomorrow night, driving through the night, connecting in Cleveland in the early a.m., and then arriving in Buffalo at 5:30 am. B2 is a good friend for promising to get out of bed and come get me.

All this travel that will happen over the next week makes me think of the thrust that has pushed me to this place. I wish I had some deep thoughts today, but I am still feeling the warmness after a brunch with some friends at best friend L's house. It was nice sitting around with full bellies being grateful for the good food and company and the laughing kids upstairs. L & K's daughters L (age 5), A (age--almost 3), were playing with my Monster niece S (age 3) and a friend's daughter E (age 4). The laughs came floating down the stairs like the girls, who were dressed in Disney princess costumes; Monster nephew A sat playing with tinkertoys at the feet of the grown-ups as we discussed the loses of the past year and the deep connections that we have all managed over the past 10 years.

In these times I find I am more thankful in that moment then I have ever been on any Thanksgiving. Today was a good day. And maybe that is the best I can ulger as I face the next year. I would never be the person I am or be where I am without the wonderful family and friends who have spirited me here.


Happy New Year's Eve!


TSOldtimer said…
hey! I hope your New Year celebrations were great fun! I miss you guys, particularly at this time of year. Take care and perhaps I'll see you soon!
Miss Cellaneous said…
I hope you are having a great time! Get ahold of me when you get in town.
WHAT!!?!? TSO does not miss anyone--wasn't this the basis of an argument once. ;)

Miss C, you bet, we have many things to talk about. Do you have a job yet!?
JennPav said…
I hope '08 is good to you!

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