Sun after the storm

Much like the countdown that I have been keeping for the release of the 7th Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I have been counting down the end of my Masters Program (Dec. ’07-5 more months! Woo Hoo!), but closer than that is the end of the Spring/Summer semester. Finals for me fall between the week of 7/23-7/30. One take-home final due 7/23. One in-class written final on 7/24. And a final paper/presentation due 7/30.

Turned the case study from hell in last night. Actually, once I got going I was able to write enough (8 pages, 9 with the Bibliography. However, after last nights’ class I am feeling as though I should have resolved the situation in the case study differently. It was about an unruly, long-time employee. I got the impression that the professor thought that we should “can” her, but I guess I am too nice. I said that we should offer her a different position within the library, somewhere less in contact with the public, on a trial basis, with the understanding that if she did not shape up, we’d fire her. Anyway, none of that makes much sense to anyone I guess, so I will move on.

I now have the Collection development project due on Tuesday to finish. I have spent almost 10 hours already looking for books, periodicals, and databases to add to my collections, and at this point all that work only has allowed me to spend roughly $2,000 of my budget. Choosing what you want to add to your budget is hard work. I like this project as it is practical skill building, but I will be so glad when it is turned in.

After that is a group paper that is due by next Monday 7/16. My partner and I had to go and check out a library and see what kind of (if any) MI. QSAC ratings. These are quality ratings which are determined based on a library’s staff, collections, services, ability to meet public needs, etc. Since this library has never been certified we tried to see if they would even meet the basic, Essential Quality Measures.

We visited the Independence Township Library, which is a lovely little library, tucked in the City of the Village of Clarkston. After a walk through, we were able to sit down for an hour to have a question and answer session with the director, Julie, who is a wonderful lady, very candid and informative.

The library was nice, utilizing its space well. I loved the Kid’s area, and the room they use for kids’ activities, which is decorated for the MI. Summer Reading Program, “Get a Clue.” My favorite part of the library was the reading room, set off the side of the Adult fiction section, complete with leather chairs and windows that allow sun to filter in and warm the room. What a wonderful library.

One thing that Julie said to us before we left was that when she worked out of the Capital district she had the ability to travel to many libraries all over the state, and she honestly loved each and every one of them. I am finding in my searching that I feel the same way. Each library, no matter how ridiculously wealthy or poor, tries hard to serve its patrons, and finds such amazing ways to do that! And that was the bright spot and the end of my homework laden week.


JennPav said…
Congratulations on all the work that you've put in. Its really impressive. You have pretty cool projects, I think. Sometimes when you're telling me about it, it reminds me of Mrs. Brown's class...

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