Slowly, slowly, slowly, said the sloth

Eric Carle's sloth is pretty much my spirit animal these days.

I am in week 3 at the new library--I've yet to cook up a code name for it--and feel like I am slowly, painfully slowly getting things. I am still struggling with learning how to do all of the finance work, as I had a F.O. at my last job.

Last week I met up with local directors and felt a little better hearing about similar concerns, but a little worse when they kept saying words and IL acronyms that I did not understand! Oh, Ohio libraries how I miss you so. I miss a lot of things in fact. I miss my Youth Services Coordinator, PrairieDawn, and our friendship and shared jokes after years of working closely and sharing an office. I miss some of my old staff. I miss my old regular patrons. And sometimes when ChicagoBoy does things that frustrate me--I mean come on, the dirty laundry bin is RIGHT THERE!!! WHY IS YOUR DIRTY UNDERWEAR ON THE FLOOR--I miss my old single life a little bit too.

I came to IL to be with ChicagoBoy and begin our life together and there is so much about that which makes me so insanely happy. I just miss walking into work every day and knowing what I was doing. And seeing my OH friends all the time. And yes, I will get good at this job eventually. And yes, I will make friends soon. But, *sigh* I'm impatient...


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