yahoo for long weekends

I am so glad to have today off. I worked a couple hours on Sunday, a 13 hour day Monday--covering vacations and with an extra long Board meeting tacked on to the end of my day--and worked a 12 hour day on Tuesday. I own you, Wednesday! 

Doing grownup stuff this morning: 
  • Oil change
  • Buying some last minute groceries to take to ChicagoBoy's
  • Packing the car
Then I am heading out to ChicagoBoy's later this morning, so I can hopefully beat the traffic, and start roasting the pumpkins for my pies. I just had a super domesticated fantasy-moment where I imagined him coming home, opening the door, smelling the deliciousness of roasting pumpkin, and smiling with satisfaction that he's nabbed such a resourceful woman. NO WAY! I mean that's great too, but I love that this boy loves my brains AND my cooking. 

Can't wait to see my sweetheart. It's been 2 weeks and that is too long these days! How did we used to only see each other once every month - 6 weeks. You guys, I love this guy. A lot. And I also love Thanksgiving...


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