Happy Thanksgiving

Let's not pretend we're celebrating some wonderful shared meal between new-found friends. Let's just focus on the fact that we have a holiday rooted in us feeling grateful--and overeating--and just be thankful for everyone and everything that has made this year better. And don't mention the election, please God, just don't.

This year I'm thankful for my youngest nephew Alex talking in sentences; that I've been an aunt for 12 years! I'm thankful for this beautiful, long fall, and for the cold late November nights too. I'm thankful for my family and my friends, especially L, who died and came back to us this spring. I am thankful for ChicagoBoy, who makes me feel so loved and made my Grinch heart grow 3 times this year. I'm thankful for each breath and every step, for the sunrises and sunsets. Thankful for a job I love. I am so blessed.

I hope you all count many blessings this day too. Happiest of happy Thanksgivings.


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