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Just found this draft of a blog that I typed up back in February. I was going to delete it, but even just reading the damn thing made me school girl happy and blushy, so thought I would share it. I hope this slice of cheese brings a smile to your face, or makes you believe in love again, or whatever. 

Valentines Day officially ended nearly a half an hour ago, and yet I can't stop thinking about how different this year was; how completely, ridiculously happy-in-love I am.

ChicagoBoy and I have been on a trajectory that is harder to navigate than a damn star chart, even my closest friends have a hard time remembering the whens and the for how-longs of this complicated thing. But the last few months have been nothing but awesome, lots of firsts, and lots of growing and sharing and blah blah blah...until this: we're officially a couple. Like we've been for 3+ years, but "official" in public ways that seem to matter to everyone but us. And yet, when you share this magic with others, this thing that has always been your wonderful secret that you've nurtured and cherished, something amazing happens: more love pours forth. Friends say amazing things like, "I hope he's as awesome as you are, because you deserve this," or just say that they're so happy for you. And these small, simple words make your heart swell even bigger, and your doe eyes grow a little larger, and your whole you feels like this rock star who's going to take on the world and make it better, and kick ass at work, and be nicer to your Mom, all because you are happy, because you are loved, and you've shared it with the whole world--or at least your social media friends, which is pretty much your whole world.


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