coulda would shoulda

I used to love to write here. But then I just didn't anymore. Maybe for a variety of reasons, including:
  • I don't want to talk about work outside of work
  • Work is insane
  • We've begun a building project, which just thinking of it make my blood pressure go up, so why write about it!?

I am still alive and kicking, and working in Sticks, but I am beginning to count down on my time here. Once the building project is done (in a year+!!) I am planning on moving to Chicago to be with ChicagoBoy. Nearly 3 years together, the last 7 months some of the best of my life, and excited to be planning our future! And no, no damn engagement ring yet, please don't ask. My friends do. ALL. THE. TIME. We're getting there.

I will try and write more about this building journey. Or my life journey. Or whatever.
Hope you, dear readers--are there any left out there?--are well.


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