quince pie

Been so busy these past few months. 
Quince fruit

Had a great time at OLC Expo!

Turned 35 and had a wonderful weekend showing off my new city to ChicagoBoy.

Work has been crazy busy; my newest hires are doing fantastic, and our patrons love them. Thing 1 and Thing 2 (my code names for my new hires) Jerry Maguire complete us--everyone gets along fine, and already after only 3 months has a comfortable repertoire and great bantering spirit! Going to work is ALWAYS fun these days.

About 2 weeks back, Thing 2 gave me some quince, which then promptly moved to my kitchen counter, where they sat and grew more aromatic. Today I noticed that a couple were beginning to spoil, so I Googled until I settled on this Allrecipes recipe for the pie, and decided on using Mark Bittman's Flaky Piecrust recipe from How to Cook Everything. Warning: the Allrecipes recipe takes forever! Quince are extremely hard, and peeling and cutting the fruit was hard work, but this pie smells delicious! Can't wait to take this in for my staff tomorrow!

Extremely bitter, quince MUST be cooked.
The honey liquid, leftover from poaching, gets set aside.
Later it gets boiled with sugar, cinnamon, flour, and
butter, making a delicious roux that gets poured over the
poached quince before the pie top goes on!

Pie ready for the oven.

My beautiful pie.


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