what does that say about me?

Hemmy was at the Vet's again overnight this week. Medicine and an x-ray and $135 later--thank God small town Midwest living is cheap!--and all the Vet could come up with is that he thinks poor Hemmy is anxious and causing his own symptoms. 

The Vet asked if there was any extra stress at home--CHECK
any changes in our enviornment--CHECK
had I been working later and/or been out of town--CHECK and CHECK

Poor Hemmy has probably been feeling as overwhelmed as me lately; this was the most stressful summer that I think I've ever experienced.
Summer Reading was great, but exhausting.
I've had 2 staff decide to retire early. That means I've been going through the hiring process AGAIN.
I have a budget meeting before our county budget commission to explain why I shouldn't lose any funds.
Covering vacation at work, this week alone already worked two 12 hour days, and another 10 hour day.
My house was hit hard by all the rain and a problematic situation was made worse. Due to the mold and the fact that my landlords aren't handling it properly I'm moving AGAIN this weekend.
Hemmy has been sick twice in a month.
Unexpected car problems. And and and...yeah, it's no wonder my cat feels awful...I'm kinda surprised his fur hasn't started falling out.

Send good juju! 

I iz in needz of ainxiety medz...


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