solar powered oven for SMORES

The other day Prairie Dawn worked with the tweens and teens to make these solar powered ovens to cook SMORES with; an activity that they loved. We were blessed with a sunny day--anyone else tired of the rain yet?!--which of course made the ovens work, and gave the kids some time to enjoy being outside on the lawn, instead of in the Library. 
Great and simple STEM program. 

Solar Powered Oven for SMORES Instructions:
  • Hit up local pizza shop for donation of small pizza boxes (enough for 1/kid)
  • Pop a hole in the lid and cut a big square in the center 
  • Layer the bottom of the box with black construction paper
  • Cover the inside of the box lid (where the hole is) with plastic wrap, taping it so it'll stick on the inside of the lid
  • Tap foil to the lid and position it upright with the help of a popsicle stick
  • Put graham cracker down, chocolate, marshmallow on black construction paper inside the box
  • Close the lid so SMORE is visible through plastic
  • Make sure the foil stays upright (as pictured above)
  • Check on SMORE cooking, looking for marshmallow getting gooey
  • EAT!


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