owl pellets and hovercrafts

Today was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) day.

This morning the younger kids made hovercrafts with CDs, balloons, and pop-top caps. Prairie Dawn already had the CDs and pop-top caps already hot glue gunned together, so the kids were only really doing the balloon part, but she talked about friction with the kids, and what was causing the hovercraft to move. The parents loved that the craft was simple and something they could take home and that the kids could use all day on the floors! 65 attended! That's our biggest program this summer!

Teens dissected owl pellets this afternoon, which was a great thing that definitely got some of our fence-riding boys to come out! As you can see from the link, it was a pretty inexpensive thing, and a nice break for Prairie Dawn to not be doing so much prep work!


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