hope for libraries in OH FY 16-17??

Lately I've been treading water at work; trying hard to keep afloat with the day to day, while trying to take on a few little projects. Stay tuned on those. While I try and wrap my head around those, I wanted to at least share this info from OLC's (Ohio Library Council) Access Weekly

"Gov. Kasich Unveils Plans for FY16-17 State Budget

On Feb. 2, Governor John Kasich released his proposed $72.3 billion state budget for fiscal years (FY) 2016-17, which begin July 1, 2015. It includes a combination of tax cuts and tax increases. Overall, the administration claims it amounts to $500 million net tax cut, even though it includes increases in sales, commercial activity, tobacco, and severance taxes. Some of the high points of the proposal include:
  • Cuts the income tax by 23% across-the-board (15% income tax cut this year and 8% cut next year);
  • Raises the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) on gross receipts from .26% to .32%;
  • Increases the Cigarette Tax from $1.25 to $2.25 per pack;
  • Proposes a 6.5% Severance Tax on high volume oil and gas horizontal wells;
  • Increases the state sales tax from 5.75% to 6.25%;
  • And expands the sales tax base to include the following services: cable TV, parking, lobbying, public relations, consulting, and travel packages."

For a summary of Gov. Kasich's Tax Proposal

So, what does that mean for Ohio libraries?

 According to Michelle Francis of OLC, Director of Government & Legal Services:

"According to Office of Budget and Management (OBM) budget documents, the Governor’s proposed budget does not change the PLF percentage from 1.66% of the total General Revenue Fund (GRF) tax receipts. However, due to the various tax reform proposals and state revenue estimates, if the Governor’s proposal were to be enacted as proposed, the distribution to the PLF would increase by 5.7% in FY16 and 3.9% in FY17."

So, what does that mean for Sticks Library?Nothing. Not to sound pessimistic, but until that budget is set in stone and the checks are cut, and showing a definite PLF (Public Library Fund) increase for Ohio libraries, we'll keep plugging on like nothing is different. Libraries have been burned before.


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