tying up loose ends before vacation

Sighing with relief this morning, for many reasons:
  • My friend Ian, from back in my Farm days, stopped by last night en route to Minnesota. It was wonderful to share a meal and introduce him to the TV show, Arrow, my new love. I love love love seeing Farm friends and am always so glad when anyone is able to pop in.
  • I am ALMOST to vacation! I work 8a.m.-8p.m. tomorrow, then get in the car and head to Massachusetts and the Farm for a week with my dear friends there!
  • I've offered our open position to someone. And I gotta say I loved her response when I called her, "I will take 24 hours to meditate on this and will give you my answer tomorrow." Like how badass is that? I'm more the spazzy, "YES!!" shouter when offered jobs. Glad the decision is made, bummed I didn't have 3 positions, as there are two other folks I think would do great too. Maybe next year!

    And since I was working on hiring, etc., found this nice rejection letter from the Society of Human Resource Management which I thought I would share, in case anyone ever has to send something out.


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