not being helpful

Someone prefers naps to packing boxes. And the cat does too.

The move is plodding along. I finished painting the living room and hallway yesterday; 2 coats primer, 2 coats paint to cover up the monstrosity that was a room consisting of: rust red, vomitrocious green, and dish water dirty brown. Still trying to understand that motif. I've slowly been taking batches of boxes over as layers of paint were drying. My hope is to finish getting all boxes moved by this weekend. We'll begin sleeping there Friday night, and furniture will be delivered next Saturday. So close! I'll be happily settled before Christmas!

As most moves go, I find, this is happening while we're super busy at work: book groups, Santa's visit, holiday movies, and Gingerbread houses are all on the calendar this week and next; our Holiday Silent Auction winds down soon; and we're again doing Feet for Fines (folks bring in new socks, shoes, etc. and we clear their fines).

Counting down the days until Christmas break.


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