being prepared to interview

I am awaiting Board approval as to whether or not I can hire another Circ person in January--originally the plan was hire them in October, so there's overlap between them and the next retirement, to happen in Dec. '15. My hope is to go back up to having 4 part-time staff, never having replaced the one who retired a year ago, as I've given the college try for a year, and realize that it would be easier with a 4th on board again. That would also alleviate the need for our Page position.

So, again I've begun the dreaded reading of lots of articles that are supposed to help me understand what to look for in interviewees, and make me feel less stressed. Stumbled across this Quartz article, which lead me to this other Quartz article,"Five errors that immediately get your resume rejected at Google." Also, found these things of note:

WSJ, "Now Hiring? Tips for Conducting Interviews"

Forbes, "9 Tips on Conducting Great Interviews"

NPR, "Don't Be Afraid of Silence: Interview Tips from NPR Host Rachel Martin," which are more tips for interviewing for a talk program, and less about a job interview, but I liked what they had to say. Simple stuff.


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