post conference

Feel like I've been so busy, leading up the Ohio Library Council (OLC)'s Expo it was all about the Expo, post-Expo it's been about playing catch up with things I let slip a little.

The Expo was FANTASTIC! Not only did I make lots of new library friends, and some are actually not too far from us--SCORE!--but I also participated in my first Battledecks!

Battledecks is a competition where contestants get a certain amount of time (5 minutes in our case), 12 powerpoint slides, and a topic (ours was taken from Sessions presented at OLC). You must cohesively present your slides, describing how they fit in with your topic, and of course the slides are of the most bizarre and ridiculous pictures. It was so much fun and some of them were hysterical! Definitely want to participate in it again next year!

So, my talk? It went great! I had about 25 people attend (not terrible for 8:30a.m.) and received loads of great feedback and was even asked to consider presenting it again at one of the regional conferences in the spring. Woo hoo. I was flattered. So, maybe public speaking isn't as bad as I thought...I actually LOVED it...*gasp!*


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