Hocking Hills

Ben, Beth, Everett

Ben carrying my niece through one of the small caves.

My niece had a huge crush on Ben, asking him to carry her
through the park. She has good taste--Ben's a gem.

My brother A3's family: Alex (8mos), Dayna, A3, Savannah
Our weekend away was lovely. I took a half day on Friday and after 3 hours of fall colors alongside the roads meandering south and east, I wound up at the house we were renting. Right around the time I finished unloading my car and stowing all the food in the fridge, A3 and company were pulling up, followed 5 minutes later by Beth, Ben, and Everett, who'd traveled from the Farm in Massachusetts. 

The weekend was typical Midwest fall: colorful, blustery, rainy at times, perfect for being snuggly tucked away in a lovely house with friends and family. We were able to find a pocket of time when it wasn't raining and headed to Hocking Hills for a couple hours of camping. The kids were EXCELLENT the whole hike and only slightly fussy as we were trying to coordinate lunch.

Such a good weekend, though it did get me missing living closer to my brother like I did when I was in the Cleveland area, and also made me miss my dear Farm friends and life in New England. If only there were more time and more ways to split myself between many places!


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