grateful for another year

Feeling truly blessed today. Nobody wants to work on their birthday, but today has been a blast, and yes, I have gotten very little done.
  • My staff surprised me with a cake
  • My dear friend Liz sent me a stunning bouquet of flowers
  • Mom, Prairie Dawn, and I went to one of my fav restaurants in Sticks for lunch
  • Two of my favorite kiddos surprised me a homemade card and chocolate chip cookies
  • And I get to be dressed in costume (one of my favorite things to do!) because Sticks Trick o' Treat Night is tonight and our FRIENDS group throws a huge party for kids passing through
Feeling so grateful, grateful, grateful today; thankful for a job I love, folks who care about me, and health and happiness to appreciate every day of this grand life!

Part of the card the kids made for me
Part of the card the kids made for me


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