the Eifel Tower in the moonlight

Writing from Paris! It is late here and we should be getting ready for bed and another long day tomorrow, but delicious chocolate ice cream has wired me; the Germans are coming up for a route for tomorrow's adventures: maybe Lusanne, Switzerland en route to southern Germany...?

I know some people have said Paris is no great shakes, but I love it here. I know that the locals must get tired of us tourists, but we've encountered kind Parisians too, and sweet waiters who were kind--we haven't found a place yet in any country where the waitstaff doesn't speak English! Also, every place we've been has English menus too., makes it easy to be a lazy traveler. I still try and order in the native tongue, to the entertainment of the waitstaff, I'm sure.

It was hard to walk around Paris this evening, as we tried to find a dinner spot and we walked a city where kitchen windows were open and everything smelled divine. I ordered from the menu, not knowing exactly what I was ordering, and trying to be brave...well, I wound up with a raw veal dish, which though well seasoned, was still strange.

Watched the sun setting behind the Eifel Tower. I know it's the touristy thing to do, but I was awed by the sheer size of it and couldn't stop walking toward and under it with mouth agape! The line was too long to go up in it, but just seeing the monstrosity in real life was enough for me.

But it is late. Sleep calls. Early day tomorrow, hopefully to explore the Parisian Catacombs before we leave.


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