Lausanne to Freiburg

We made it to Lausanne, Switzerland Tuesday(?) night and camped in a campground alongside Lake Geneva! LAKE GENEVA! I continue to be amazed at the beautiful things that we keep seeing--this trip is such an enormously wonderful gift and I am absolutely grateful for every minute! We watched the sunset over Lake Geneva before pitching tent and eating our travelers meal (we've had many like this) of baguettes, bread, cheese, wine, and Normandy (hard) cider (cidre!). Deliciously bubbly and slightly drunk me fell asleep under the Swiss stars. *sigh*

This morning was a repeat of dinner, though we replaced alcohol with juice. ;) We headed to a local lookout of Lausanne, and then moved on, wanting to spend more time seeing the Swiss countryside, than the city--the drive from France into Switzerland, then Switzerland into Germany was absolutely stunning. We didn't quite make it to the Alps, but saw them from a distance, and instead drove through what I can only assume were the Alps' foothills--smaller chains of not quite as tall mountains. The Swiss countryside was exactly as I imagined it would be--stunning. Farm land and country villages, high peaks, beautiful, old houses, quaint. It is so picturesque. I couldn't help but smile at the sweetness of it all, even the cows had jingling bells around their necks! 

It is dizzying to think that I've been in 5 countries in less than a week, but I love the tight schedule we've kept to--seeing a city for about a day, experiencing night and daytime there. We also see so much more driving! The countryside has been such a rich expereince, especially into gaining more insight into a place.

We have arrived in Freiburg, Germany where we leave dear Magdalena, and the 3 of us continue on to Yannick's parents to break-up the long drive north. Not sure yet what else is on the horizon for German travel...and who knows where else...?


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