driving through a Van Gogh

Though Bruges is beautiful and full of old architecture it is smaller than Amsterdam, so after a short walk yesterday morning and the most delicious breakfast--can we say Europeans love their carbs!? I had a pastry and a "bun," (roll)" with my breakfast--we headed out in search of 1. waffles (yes, we just ate!!) and 2. Belgian chocolate. We found both. Belgian waffles are different than what we are used to in the States, the Belgians use a dough instead of a batter, which gives their waffles a surprisingly fluffy, rich flavor. I. WANT. THE. RECIPE.

Short drive from Bruges before we were in the beautifully bucolic, rolling hills of France. It is not being dramatic to say that you feel like you've literally driven into one of Van Gogh's countryside paintings! I could do little more than stare out the window, mouth slightly agape. At times it almost felt like home, looking out to see rolling hills and cows that reminded me so much of the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.

We camped last night in the Normandy region, waking to a body stiffening cold morning. We're getting ready to find some breakfast then head off to Omaha Beach to see the U.S. Cemetery there, and of course the site of the D-Day invasion. Then off to Paris...


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