Denmark to Berlin

I am still amazed and envious at how accessible European countries are to one another! In no time we were leaving Hamburg and Germany behind for flat, lovely southern Denmark. Aside from the Danish signage, much of it looked so much like home.

We stopped in Esbjerg, Denmark, which is a seaport town, on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula in the southwest part of the country, where we did a little shopping, enjoyed coffee and lunch before paying $415 Danish Krones (about $40Euro) for a ferry that took us and the car over to the island of Fano.

Fano, an island in the North Sea off the coast of southwestern Denmark, is the northernmost of the Danish Wadden Sea Islands, and is absolutely gorgeous. The middle of it reminded me of farmy New England, while the sand dunes around the beach (near where we camped) and their neighboring brushy areas looked almost like the southwestern deserts that my brother A3 and I drove past on our roadtrip to California so many years ago. I hiked alone for a while and was rewarded with an amazing sunset over the North Sea--I could have wept for the loveliness of this island.

We left the land of the Vikings--did I mention we drove past one of the oldest cities (Ribe) in Denmark?! The original roads date back to the 300sAD!!--and after a quick stop in Hamburg headed to Berlin.

We are staying at the most amazing hostel, PLUS Berlin, which is only $40Euro/person for 2 nights. Pretty damn good! I also booked a FREE tour I read about in one of my library books (GO LONELY PLANET!!) which will take us to the Wall, CheckPoint Charlie, Hitler's Bunker, and many places of historical note; pretty amped for some nerdy history fun.

Can't believe tomorrow's my last day, and yet, I am ready to go home. You can only be a travel bum for so long before you miss home, no?


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