worky schmorky, where's vacation!?

Been so busy lately. Feels like I can't catch up on work because I've had to cover the desk more due to illnesses and vacation days. Back in my office for a full day yesterday and finally caught up on
  • Purchase Orders
  • Budget stuff,
  • Book orders
  • Tidying up my office (TONS of books ready for the FRIENDS used book sale in September!)
  • Financial Subcommittee work for a board I'm on
Now if I could just get super motivated and creative enough to start putting together my Powerpoint for my OLC Conference presentation. I'd like to have a good chunk of it done, but knowing me, I'll get inspired post-vacation when I'm rested and really feel the less-than-a-month-until-my-presentation-panic!

I just need to get to vacation. So hard to be at work!


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