meditating through my HULK SMASH

I haven't written much lately because I've been getting my ass kicked by Summer Reading.
2 of my 3 Circ ladies had to take vacation time (for various reasons) during 3 consecutive weeks of our 6 week programs which means A. I've been covering the desk; paperwork is backing up and B. I've been working insane amounts of overtime.
I told the Board at our last meeting that I would be keeping track of all my overtime and would be taking a few days off at the end of Summer Reading. I've literally worked enough overtime to accrue 5.5 days off! Downside: I'm exhausted! Upside: Some lonnnnnng weekends coming my way this month!
So, think happy thoughts for me this week, as we wind down and finish our final week. I'm doing extra yoga and meditation and trying not to HULK SMASH anything!



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