big city *sigh*

This weekend with Chicago Boy was woooooonderrrrrful and so hard to come back to work from--at least this is only a 3 day week, as I have a 4 day weekend in Michigan coming up Friday!

Chicago Boy and I:
Skillet apple pie. Tasted
a lot better than it looks. :)
  • Went to Lou Malnati's for a pizza celebrating his recent birthday
  • I made him my first homemade apple pie. We loved it and gobbled it up in just over a day with copious amounts of ice cream. I had forgotten my pie pan and since he didn't have one I wound up Googling skillet apple pie recipes--basically the spiced apples in a buttered pan with crust only on top. Hands down DELICIOUS. 
  • Had a Lord of the Rings-a-thon all day Saturday. Staying in pjs and air conditioning on a muggy day was fine by me.
  • Grilled dinner on Saturday
  • Swim practice getting cancelled Sunday morning meant more sleep and making breakfast together
  • A PERFECT Sunday--forecasted rain be damned. We had baby blue skies and puffy clouds for my first trip to Wrigley Field to see the Cubbies lose to the St. Louis Cardinals, 1-0. We were under an awning, so no sunburns, but lots of breezy wonderfulness. This year marks Wrigley Field's 100th year. So cool to be in such a historic place!
  • See how pretty our drive in to Chicago was?!
  • A trip into the city to find the elusive, not at all elusive Bean, that I've walked by about a dozen times--don't ask me how!

Chicago Boy, oh so patient, as I snap photos

The Bean with the beautiful background of Michigan Ave.
This is one of my FAVORITE big city streets.


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