the pursuit of everything

Can we just talk about how awesome Maira Kalman's books are?! And her illustrations--which the New York Times referred to as "Matisse-like." HIGH PRAISE INDEED! Just look at her illustrations in Michael Pollan's Food Rules: An Eaters Manual!

I was super excited when I saw her newest: Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Everything because I love love loved her book, especially Looking at Lincoln, and also because I am FASCINATED by Thomas Jefferson. I. Was. Not. Disappointed!

Kalman is able to introduce her young readers to her subjects with interesting and insightful information, that she cleverly presents (I love her occasional tongue in cheek comments). And aside from her fun and super duper colorful illustrations, I like that Kalman doesn't gloss over the uncomfortable history (she mentions Sally Hemmings!). I also love that she has a simple and fun way of presenting the text! But don't believe me, just check the book out already! 

I'm enjoying the pursuit of all things NOT SUMMER READING today. The Kick-Off was yesterday, after which I was home-bound, and am now in Michigan, early morning Sunday, post parties: birthday party, then BBQ at Bestie Kim's. Soon church and lunch with my Bestie L. Why can't all weekends be this lovely...


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