breezing into the weekend

Today is a relatively easy day. I started doing something called "Playdate," about 3 months after I started and it's one of the programs our families with younger kids request that we keep. No problem! It's easy and requires little from us and gets a consistent set of folks attending!

We gear our Playdates to the 18mos. - 5 year old crowd, though all ages attend; put out age appropriate toys and puzzles atone station, a simple art project or coloring sheets at another station, and Playdough and cookie cutters/other Playdough tools at another station.
We set up, but don't supervise.
Parents chat and get to know one another while their wee beasties play.
Everybody wins.

Then this afternoon we have Junkbox Creations, where Prairie Dawn puts out bits and bobs, leftover art projects and things to create with. Kids can make whatever they want.

ChicagoBoy is coming to Sticks tonight, going to my game tomorrow, then we're both headed to Michigan for time with our besties (one of his best friends married my best friend L's sister), so we're friends-in-law...sorta.
Hoping for a relaxing weekend and wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. 


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