Turkey Run State Park, IN

Never wrote about our glorious weekend at Turkey Run State Park, a few weeks back! It can be surmised as such:
  • Campfires!
  • Wonderful hiking
  • Glacial erratics
  • 10 mile canoe trip through the most beautiful slice of Indiana I have ever seen!
  • Sun sun and more sun
  • Except the thunder/lightning storm that woke us up Sunday morning at 4a.m.--and if you never slept in a tent through one of those storms, it is pure Heaven. I LOVE storms. LOVE.
Would I recommend this park? Absolutely!
I was VERY proud of these epic bacon, cheeseburgers that I made.

Sugar Creek, a river which flows through the park;
we canoed this Sunday

Bridgemeister, Turkey Run State Park Suspension Bridge

Getting up close and personal with this little guy who wanted
to inspect the food I was unpacking

Hiking past glacial erratics, through areas where water once
ran thousands of years ago!


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