eBook resolutions

From Ohio Library Council's Access Weekly:
"House Committee Unanimously Passes OLC eBook Resolutions
Last Thursday, the Ohio House of Representatives State and Local Government Committee unanimously reported Senate Concurrent Resolution 22 and House Concurrent Resolution 50 out of committee. Both resolutions urge members of Congress to seek a solution that would ensure public libraries have access to eBook materials. Kim Fender, Director, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, and Chair, OLC Government Relations Committee, testified as a proponent of the measures on behalf of the OLC prior to the vote. Click here for a copy of her testimony. Both resolutions now move to the House floor for consideration by the full chamber."

Why is this even an issue, you ask? In the simplest of terms (from the Connecticut General Assembly page on, "H.B. No. 5614, Session Year 2013,") these resolutions help, "require publishers of electronic books to offer e-books for sale to libraries on reasonable terms that would permit libraries to provide their users with access to such books."


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