it's really going to happen!

I made a promise to my dear Germans, Yannick and Magdalena, during their visit last summer (their second visit to Ohio!), that I would go and visit them in Germany.

I asked the Board and was granted the ability to use my vacation time as one huge chunk at the end of the summer.

The Germans and I discussed dates via Facebook.


I will be headed to Germany (and who knows where else!!!) for 2.5 weeks in August and September! 

I honestly don’t think I’ve been this excited since I was a teenager gearing up for my first foreign travel. Though I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, this is the first time since I went to Jamaica 11 years ago that I will be traveling alone…and there is something exciting in that, no

Now can it be August already?!


HydrazKiller said…
I am very happy to hear you will be going to Germany! I wish you well! Enjoy as much as you can of it!

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