deep breathing

I am a member of one of Ohio Library Council’s division committees, and at one of our last meetings we discussed how best to get our presence/name out into the world of public libraries in Ohio; we talked about what our presence should be at the Ohio Library Council’s state conference in October. I offered to do a Poster Session (information boards that are kept up at a table for passerbys, so that they may obtain information about your group), I also ballsily said that I would consider doing a Session with another librarian (sessions are hour long talks about a topic that is pertinent within the profession); we even came up with another librarian who would be willing to split the session with me.

So we did the proper paperwork and submitted it, and holy Jesus, we just found out last week that the council who decides ACCEPTED OUR PROPOSAL! I AM GOING TO BE SPEAKING IN FRONT OF TONS OF PEOPLE AT THE FREAKING STATE CONFERENCE. NOBODY PANIC!!

I literally already starting having nightmares about it this past weekend…though I sorta like the idea that came out of the nightmare: instead of presenting on our topic I convinced another local director to take the old Will Ferrel/Cher O’Terri cheerleader skits from SNL and convert them so they were about library stuff. It was actually funny, though I woke up sweating like a whore in church.

So, not only am I now preparing for a talk to be given to the parents at the local preschool concerning literacy, I’m now working on our poster session, and on my session talk. Deep breathing, doing yoga, praying for patience and inner peace, and trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to say.



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