on feeding hanger

If you don't understand hangry you should watch this buzzfeed. Nailed it.

While I was in Chicago visiting ChicagoBoy this weekend my hanger reared its' ugly head. Sweet ChicagoBoy asked where I wanted to go for dinner.
Wherever you want to go is fine with me.
Ok, there's _______ (*lists a dozen restaurants)
Really, anything is fine with me, just not pub food (met an old friend for lunch and green beers at a pub earlier)
There's this really good fish place...
That sounds awesome!
What about sushi? You like sushi, right?
I love sushi! That sounds even better than the fish place! 
Hey Tommy (his roomie), where do you think we should go for dinner? (Rattles off list he already told me). P.F. Changs? That might be good. 
P.F. Changs it is!!

I apologized later, but still felt bad, so I sent ChicagoBoy the link in the hopes that he understands me better.

Aside from that lame moment, the weekend was WONDERFUL.
  • We ate Chicago Dogs at Portillos--the BEST place to get them
  • I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in 15 years!! It was like no time had passed, we were cracking each other up like we did when we were teens
  • ChicagoBoy and I spent lovely time together just hanging out
  • I made dinner Saturday, Marc Bittman's homemade mac n' cheese recipe--will share soon with my modifications. YUM!
  • I napped. I NEVER nap. He has a MAGIC napping blanket...still trying to devise a way to steal...
  • We made sure we got Portillo's chocolate cake for dessert one night after I told him a friend recommended it. YUM. Could have died happy  
This boy knows the way to my heart...

Portillo's take on a ChicagoDog. YUM!
Beef hotdog in a steamed poppy seed bun with peppers,
onions, celery salt, mustard, tomatoes,
pickles, and sport peppers (which I get it without)

The weekend was lovely. So hard to come back to work this week. And even harder to have 3 closing shifts this week to cover vacations. On a good note, my Board okay'd my vacation time for August/September--I'm going to Germany to see my favorite Germans, Yannick and Magdalena!!


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