Happy 110th Birthday Dr. Seuss!

This is my FAVORITE!
If Dr. Seuss were still alive today he would have turned 110 years old on Sunday, and been able to see his works all over the world, all over the internet, and still loved by children EVERYWHERE! So, for our 2nd year in a row we decided to celebrate Dr. Seuss with a party complete with Seussically silly snacks, crafts, and lots of laughter. If you're looking for some craft or food ideas, these were a hit (also we try and cleverly keep both our food and crafts for parties relatively inexpensive, and these were both!):

IF I RAN THE CIRCUS peanuts (aka circus peanuts)

HOP on POPcorn (aka cheesy popcorn)

IF I RAN THE ZOO animals (aka animal crackers)

FISH in the POT crackers (aka goldfish crackers)

BIPPOLO SEEDS (aka nerds(

Craft 1: Die cut door knob hangers which we turned Seussically silly with messages and Seuss characters
(didn't have much time to finish this sample, so beg your pardon for it's sloppiness)

Our Seussville wall--the kids could color and cut out their favorite Dr. Seuss
characters and put them up on the wall. The kids LOVED doing this!
These are the characters the kids could color for the wall above.

Make your own Lorax mustache.

Make your own Horton mask.

One of the younger kiddos put this Grinch up. Aww, sweet-nesss.

One of our young friends modeling her Lorax mustache for me.

Here are the Lorax's mustache template I used and Horton's mask.


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