Dr. Who library party pictures

I have absolutely no idea where February, the longest-shortest month went, and I'm not complaining. Prairie Dawn and I have been keeping ourselves VERY busy with a regimen of about 30+ programs a month and school storytimes to boot! There are some things which I will go into more detail about later, but until then, I wanted to share some pictures of fun things we did at some recent parties! February around here was about having fun, and partying, and forgetting that winter was still happening.

So, first we had our Berenstain Bears Party (we forgot a camera that day. :(  ), followed by our all ages Dr. Who Party, which was fun, bringing in 19 folks ranging from kids as young as 10 years old, to adults in their 40s. If you ever do one, these snacks were a hit:

Oreo Daleks

Apparently Dr. Who says that you should always take a banana to a party.

Galaxy cupcakes

Bow ties are cool bow tie pasta salad

(These were a make your own, whereas Prairie Dawn and I made all the other food before folks arrived)

Sonic Screwdrivers
Aside from eating lots of sugary deliciousness (the oreo daleks made me feel Diabetes coming on), folks watched a Dr. Who episode, chatted all things Dr. Who, took a survey (we put the results on our Facebook page the next day and asked folks to "Like" our page--we got 6 new likes out of that!), and played a game called Weeping Angels. Everyone had a blast and left happy. The question one patron posed on her way out was: "When's your Downton Abbey party? I'd come to that." Hmm, we'll have to see about that...


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