the ghost of summer reading future

Many libraries around the U.S. rely on Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) slogans and themes for Summer Reading program, which is a huge help, especially to us smaller libraries. My former library went rogue one year, pairing our themes to match the Summer Olympics, and man did we keep our poor on staff Graphic Artist busy--can't even imagine coming up with all the hoopla on our own!) 

Yesterday I was able to vote on some future CSLP programs, providing suggestions for:

  1. SLOGANS for the 2016 CSLP children’s, teen, and adult summer programs.  The general theme is fitness / health / sports / exercise.   
  2. Artists/picture book illustrators for the 2016 children’s program.
  3. A general THEME or concept for the 2017 CSLP summer program. For example, the 2014 general theme is SCIENCE.  The 2014 children’s slogan is “Fizz Boom Read”, the teen slogan is “Spark a Reaction”, and the adult slogan is “Literary Elements”.

I feel like the things Prairie Dawn and I cooked up were a little lame, but I think we're just having a hard time getting clever with fitness/health/sports/exercise as a theme. Here's what we got:

1. Go for the Gold
Run, Leap, Read
Run, Hurdle, Jump into a good book
Race to the finish
Read for the lead!
Exercise your gray matter
Exercise your brain

2. Who do we want designing 2016's (and every year after!!!) artwork?
Jon Klassen; Mo Willems; Eric Carle; or Kevin Henkes

3. Future themes: as vague as they come.

 So, what future themes, etc. would you choose for Summer Reading?


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