on being (mostly) unfrozen

Polar Vortex '14 hit us this Sunday, though not nearly as bad as in other places--rain all day Sunday coated everything in a thick layer of ice as temps dropped and the snow began to fall. Due to the bitter cold -18 with windchill Monday and -8 with windchill Tuesday, and the slippery roads, I chose to keep Sticks Library closed both those days (I can't tell you how nice it is to be in charge and make the call--all of your staff LOVE you when you tell them to sleep in!)

I spent two glorious days hanging with Hemmy, watching movie upon movie, reading, and even braving a walk to work to do a few things. Today's high teen temps feel amazing after that extreme cold and left me wondering if daisy dukes shorts count as business attire...then I remembered my chunky thighs already nixed that option.

So, we survived and aside from the layer of ice INSIDE my bathroom window and a very, very cold porcelain bathtub, I've got no complaints.The mound of beginning of fiscal year paperwork seemed to multiple on my desk faster than rabbits, but who doesn't love a day of staying at home in pajamas and pigtails?

So, tell me, how'd you spend theses past very cold days?!


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