feeling a little proud

Last night Sticks Library was honored by our Village's Chamber of Commerce with the "2013 Community Contributor of the Year Award." I was really touched by the gesture--you never know if anyone sees how hard you're working--and surprised! I was speechless when the President stopped by my office Monday to tell me...and making me speechless is not an easy thing to do!

The President of the Chamber gave a lovely introduction about the Library, sharing some of our 2013 statistics that I am proud to share here. Prairie Dawn and I busted ass last year and maybe set the bar a little too high, but are looking forward to an insanely busy and fun 2014.

In 2013 the Sticks Library had:
*125 storytimes with 880 in attendance
*120 K-12th grade programs with 3,3,22 in attendance
*71 adult programs with 771 in attendance
*Visited the 4 Kindergarten and 3 1st Grade classes every week at Sticks Elementary
*Visited the local Headstart program every week
* Had 419 people signed-up for Summer Reading: 55 Babies-age 5; 156 K-6th grades; 55 7th-12th grades; 153 Adults


Beth from Oxford said…
How awesome!! Very proud of all you do at your library! You speechless? Yes, that is kind of hard to believe. :)

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