childhood and a brother

 We just started an after school Lego program last week and though we had a small turn-out for the first Lego program (7), everyone had a blast!

Watching the kids having fun with the Legos made me think of my own childhood. A childhood that I've always been so grateful for, parents who didn't let us watch much TV, but rather sent us outdoors, encouraged us to read, or play games with one another: Monopoly, SORRY! War, Poker, Risk, UNO; creating with Construx, Legos, and our Erector Sets; days spent playing Hide n' Seek, mothball wars in our basement, or afternoons spent in our garage helping our father keep our car running.

I was the youngest of four and the tag-along, tomboy sister, especially tagging along after my brothers, and though we four kids fought and played and fought some more, I'm so thankful for them and the friendships and support we provide for each other as adults.

Today I'm thinking of my brother A3 on his 35th and sending so much love his way! Thank God for siblings, they're the only one who understand fully how crazy our parents are, no? From the teasing and tormenting we did to each other as kids, a great friendship has been born. I'm so grateful for A3 in my life.


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