The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Official Trailer

Holy Moses! I went and saw Catching Fire Friday night and LOVED it! I enjoyed the books, but man movies are even better! If you haven't already read the books, you're going to want to because you aren't going to be able to wait for Mockingjay to see how it ends after you see Catching Fire!

Next on my list is The Book Thief, as I LOVED that book. Also, I just ordered The Secret Life of Walter Mitty--think I want to read the book before I see the movie. What books turned into movies are you excited to see this holiday season?


Toriafly said…
I loved Catching Fire! Way better than the first movie in my opinion, of course I loved all the books too. I did not know the Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a book. May have to check that out before I see the movie. Looked fun :)
I agree Toriafly, this movie was better than the first. And is it me, or did Josh Hutchinson get super handsome since the last movie! ;)

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