something to celebrate!

I fell off the map there for a few days; caught something that first appeared on my birthday, then seemed to be going away, before then turning into a terrible cough/congestion/ear ache/fever/sore throat that kept me home for a day and a half this week. Ugh. It was terrible. It's been a week and I still feel exhausted and sore, and not quite right...hoping that going for a long walk and breathing in this glorious, chilly fall air tonight will help!

Just want to share this bit of gloriousness, which was passed along by the Ohio Library Council; according to the OLC:

"Ohio voters approved all but one of the 26 public library issues on local ballots around the state. Unofficial election results for the library ballot issues show that four new levies, 16 renewal levies, three replacement levies, and two replacement/additional levies were successful. One renewal levy was defeated."

For the unofficial ballot results, or if you're just curious which libraries had issues on the ballots, click here.

I think we should take pause and celebrate.


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